IMG_2411 copy  Are you ready for some Simply Healthy alternatives to Halloween Treats?  We are right there with you, so we took google for a ride and came up with these copycats, except we found alternatives …as opposed to those sticky, sugary sweets that are the typical halloween treats of the day.

Finding alternatives for these guys was easy and making them was an interesting experience.  There was just a few adjustments with alternate ingredients using much less processed sugar and adding protein.  (seeds and/or nut butter).

Now let’s get to the fun part.  Mr. Mummy Apple was one of the easiest.    We found this idea at Two Healthy Kitchens.  Peel away some of the skin, somewhat uneven and add small carob chips for eyes.  The eyes stayed where I wanted them after I dabbed a small amount of sunflower nut butter to the top of the carob chip, leaving the bottom surface for the beady eyes, before placing that side down onto the apple. (I used the nut butter technique for all the attachments that wouldn’t stay in place.)  On the first rendition of the Mummy, the skin was cut away from the apple using straight lines and I realized a gauze wrapped wound does not necessarily look linear.  I ate that one, then cut uneven lines in the next.

Two easy ones are the Tangerine Pumpkins.  It’s simple if you choose to leave the skin on a tangerine and use a black marker  and draw a face on the surface. (I used one with permanent ink which some may consider unsafe and/or unhealthy.  There are edible inks in markers which might work.) I kept my face design pretty basic, yet it can be as intricate as you’d like.  

The other tangerine is a variation on one of the treats we linked to last year in our Simply Healthy Halloween Treats Post.   The recipe in that post, and the photo, came from One Hundred Dollars a Month.  You can find the instructions for tangerine pumpkins here.  Our version is a bit different, but still inspired by her post.   Take the tangerine, peel it, add a small piece of celery from the leafy top end and stick it in the top as a stem.  Then add small carob chips for eyes and half a dried cranberry for it’s lips.  These guys are really cute and I’m sorry that I didn’t think to take a close up of one.

We saw a cute Orange Jack-o-lantern idea over at Patty Cake’s Pantry.  We know all Jack O Lanterns are usually orange, but this one is made from an orange.

The Frankenstein Kiwi’s were fairly simple, as well.  You can find the instructions as well as some nutritional information for kiwis in our Frankenstein Kiwi Post.

Now, the Monster Mouths made from apple, they were a bit trickier.  (Hey, it’s Halloween…tricks with the treats!)  The inspiration for these came from Feed Your Skull a Snack.  Slice an apple and cut half the slices deeper into the apple core,  removing any seeds left behind.  Place a small amount of nut butter on the top of the larger slice.  Place sunflower seeds in as teeth, making small slits in the apple if they’re difficult to put in place.  I put the rounded side out on one of them and the pointed side out on the other.  Other teeth alternatives could be pumpkin seeds, almond slivers or almond slices, yet my almond pieces were a bit fragile and made what needed to be easy, very time consuming and difficult.   That’s why I used sunflower seeds which I think look pretty scary.   Then lightly press a small raisin onto the front of the nut butter for  look like a ‘fly’ and place the smaller piece on top.  I loved the way this looked, but in order to keep things together, I required a couple of toothpick pieces to keep the two pieces of apple together so they wouldn’t shift around.   I realize this would not be a good idea for the little ones picking them up and taking a bite.  That was the ‘tricky’ part.  I wonder if refrigerating them would stiffen up the nut butter so that they would stay together better.  Just keep that in mind if you decide to put this one together.

The Tombstone Marker is not edible and was added as a decoration.  It’s a piece of skin from a cooked spaghetti squash, cut in the shape of a tombstone and the message, for my loving, departed cat, was written with the black marker.  And you may have noticed something under some of the treats?  Well that’s spaghetti-like threads from the squash to help me position them for the photo.  It’s not one of the ‘treats’.


Are these dirty q-tips?  Yes, they are!  I removed them from the plate, as they looked like they’d contaminate the photo.  These Q-tips, or Cotton Swabs, covered with ear wax are disgustingly healthy.  They are made with jicama and nut butter, instead of marshmallows.  To make these, cut a small triangle from a jicama, without the skin on it, and whittle it into a small cotton tip-like piece, leaving the bottom end flat.  Place a small hole with a toothpick in the flat side and add a small amount of nut butter into that hole.  Repeat for the other end of the (Q-tip)/sucker stick and place them on the sucker stick end.  Add a thin layer of nut butter to each tip while holding the jicama tip so it doesn’t fall off of its stick.   Repeat this for all the cotton swabs you desire.

From all of us here at Simple Healthy Eats, Happy All Hallows Eve.  Oops, I meant, Happy Halloween!

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