Kiwi made into FrankensteinWe are always looking for ways to make the holidays healthier here at Simply Healthy Eats.  Halloween is the biggest party time for adults, and it’s always a challenge to put together treats that meet our criteria as a nutritious food while still maintaining a fun and festive feel.  This ideas is not our own.  We, too, scour the internet looking for Halloween ideas.

The kiwi, which is the star of this recipe, is a very interesting fruit.  It’s hairy brown exterior certainly doesn’t look like something one would want to eat, but the green flesh inside is almost creamy, and it’s delicious, too.   According to, the skin of the kiwi can be eaten, too, but first, one must rub off the fuzzy part.  I, personally, will continue to peel my kiwi before consumption.

The fuzzy brown fruit contains more vitamin C than an orange.   In fact, Kiwi’s are a nutritional powerhouse.  In addition to vitamin C, kiwi contains 5.5% of the RDA for Calcium, 8% of the RDA for Copper, 4% of the RDA for Iron, and 6% of the RDA for Magnesium.  In addition, the kiwi contains more potassium than a banana.

Because of their unusual appearance, kids are attracted to the Kiwi fruit, and a study found that children with asthma who ate 5-7 servings of Kiwi (or other citrus fruit) per week, had fewer episodes of wheezing.  There’s research that indicates the phytonutrients in Kiwi may protect DNA from damage, and eating Kiwi’s may lower triglycerides and the risk for blood clots.  What’s not to like about the kiwi?

We found the instructions for our Kiwi Frankenstein over at Two Healthy Kitchens.  She has great step by step instructions, but we made a few changes.

Because we have people with gluten sensitivity in our lives, we used small almonds in the side of the neck for bolts in place of the pretzels used in the original instructions. A half slice of almond served as a mouth.  We cut slits into the kiwi to insert these.  The eyes were dairy free carob chips.  Cut a small X into the kiwi where you want them.   If they don’t stay in place, a small amount of nut or seed butter in the holes makes a great paste.  Make sure you pat that part of the kiwi dry with a paper towel first before trying to adhere them.

So, here’s our simply healthy advice.   Before your next Halloween party, pick up some Kiwis, and turn them into Frankenstein.  It’s fun food that’s healthy.  Thanks to Two Healthy Kitchens for posting this recipe idea.  These can be made a day ahead and stored in the fridge.