Salads are simple and healthy, but watch out for those rich and creamy dressings. If you don't like salad, don't worry. We have will have healthy recipes for you, too.

Salads are a perfect example of simply healthy eats.

Simply Healthy Eats is the brain child of two hard working health care professionals, Donna and Patti, who strongly believe in the relationship between diet and health.  They also recognized that in spite of people being advised to make dietary changes to improve their health, many continued to eat the same unhealthy diets.    When asked about the reason behind continuing unhealthy practices, the most common answers were healthy food was too expensive to buy, it was too hard to cook healthy foods, and that healthy food just didn’t taste good.

Both of our ladies love to eat and cook, so in spite of not being nutritionists, our hardworking women decided to try and discover ways to counter these excuses.   Their hope was that if people could see how easy it was to prepare healthy foods, they would be more willing to make lifestyle changes.  What followed was tons of research including many trips to a variety of stores and farmers markets, kitchen experimentation, and quite a few kitchen failures as well as  some surprising successes.   Donna, who has multiple food sensitivities, and Patti, who has diabetes and struggles with weight issues, plan to share their discoveries on their way to way to better health.

Our hope with the launch of is that it will be a place where people can share dietary concerns, explore nutrition resources, as well as  find and share  healthy recipes.

Thanks for stopping by.  We hope you enjoy our site.  Constructive criticism and suggestions are always welcome.